Yo, yo, listen up, I’ve got some legal knowledge to drop; I’m here to educate, not trying to make you flop. Let’s talk about the difference between legal counsel and lawyer, so you can understand who’s who, and what they do.

HR professionals, don’t be left in the lurch; check out this online employment law certificate program, and expand your legal knowledge, go on, be a star.

After signing a contract, don’t forget, it’s so essential; to get home insurance, so take note, don’t be confidential.

For all you movie buffs, here’s a list that’s, oh so fine; the top 10 legal movies, you gotta see, it’s a sign.

Need a contract, quick and free? It’s no sorcery; use this free buyer seller agreement, and go about your buying spree.

If you’ve got an options agreement with a 15-day term, understand the arrangements, so there’s no reason for concern.

Need a client intake form in Spanish? Oh, hurray! It’s all here, don’t say oops; check out this Spanish client intake form, and make your day.

Tax evasion and tax laws, it’s not a joke; understand the implications, don’t end up broke. Here’s a guide on tax evasion and tax, so you don’t have to be in the dark.

What’s the legal age in LA? You’ve got to know, so you can stay on track, don’t let it be low.

When it comes to ground leases, there are basic legal issues to be aware, don’t despair, it’s all here, go on, prepare.

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