Legal Raptor Rap

Yo, listen up, I got a story to tell

About legal stuff, gonna do it well

First up, Raptor 700, ready to roll

With a street legal kit, gonna reach that goal

From the trails to the streets, it’s a wild ride

Gettin’ legal in a jiffy, no need to hide

Raptor 700 street legal kit, easy to do

Legal riding all day, with the crew

Next up, in-laws and legal relatives

Are they the same? It’s all so repetitive

In-laws and legal relatives, know the deal

Legal terms and definitions, it’s all so real

Employment contracts, what’s in store?

Details explained, it’s so much more

From bike rentals to live & license

Understanding legal terms and conditions, use your senses

Bike rental agreement form, download it fast

Get legal with a blast, make it last

Legal forms and terms, it’s quite a sight

USPS certified mail form, do it right

From basement rentals to French law

Basement rental agreement Ontario, follow the law

Bouquet of evidence in French law, it’s no flaw

Hatton law firm, they know it all

Expert legal services, give them a call

Corporate or commercial law, what’s the deal?

Key differences explained, keep it real

Legal raptor rap, it’s quite a mix

From street legal kits to legal tricks

Hope you learned something, now go out and play

Legal knowledge all night and day

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